When one takes something so futuristic and imbues it with steampunk qualities, you know for sure that you are in for a good time. Case in point, Sean Jensen who followed the Force in his heart and came up with this stunning looking version of a Steampunk Imperial TIE Fighter, the workhorse of the Galactic Empire. Of course, Star Wars vehicles and characters that share a Steampunk makeover is not exactly the newest idea on the block, but Sean’s effort is nothing short of extraordinary, having created a style that he can call his own, while the chains which hold the wings together is a masterclass in design.  Will someone else come up with a steampunk version of the other TIE Fighter range already? Surely when Vader’s TIE Fighter Advanced flies through hyperspace, he will have to learn to navigate through the bolts and nuts associated with the steampunk universe. Hopefully his hyperbaric breathing system is able to be up to the challenge and task!

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