coffee_table.0_cinema_960.0Are you a fan of retro video games and video game consoles? If you are, the image above you would have to agree is a sight to behold! Designed in the shape and style of the classic Nintendo NES controller, this is actually a coffee table that has been made out of recycled parts to resemble the NES controller and was designed by Charles Lushear and Bohemian Workbench. Measuring 40” in length and 18” in height, the table has actually been designed used recycled and reclaimed materials, so for those who love their gaming and care about the environment, this is a furniture that is just screaming your name!

For example the table’s frame is made out of a fence picked up by the side of the road, with the directional pad made from a copper cross, the buttons from antique clock movements and so on. Considering that the table was assembled using junk and parts lying around, at the moment only 1 unit is available and is priced on Etsy for a whopping $2,600! Kind of pricey but hey, it certainly is one of a kind!

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