The Force is strong in this one – the Steampunk Lightsaber Flashlight that is the creation of one particular Star Wars fan who has her fair share of technological wizardry. Working together to be a rather nifty night light, you will need a plumbing extension pipe to complete the project. In fact, vent holes were also drilled around the pipe in order for the LED light to shine through, but that is not really necessary anyways. The plumbing pipe used above is made out of solid brass, so it will take a fair amount of skill to cut and drill it through. Sanding the metal gave it a brushed look, and even better news is doing away with any need for glue or additional rings to connect the flashlight to the “case”.

You know something? Someone should come up with a steampunk version of the Star Wars universe, as I am quite sure that there is plenty of material to work around with in terms of the back story. Who knows, you might have a far younger Yoda, or perhaps Yoda’s ancestor to keep up with the times where steampunk ruled the roost?

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