If you love all things steampunk, you might recall earlier that we reported on a steampunk inspired Xbox 360 controller going on sale on eBay. If you’re more of a Nintendo 3DS gamer, then perhaps the controller might not really be for you, but perhaps these steampunk speakers might. Unfortunately they do not appear to be for sale, but they are an interesting concept, not to mention it does help make your 3DS console a whole lot more noticeable! In case you haven’t loaded the video, these are a pair of hand-made clip-on speakers which are then attached to the 3DS. You might not be able to tell, but it does boost the sound coming from the 3DS which means that you may not have to carry around with you a pair of headphones. Then again given the size of these speakers, you might need bigger pockets or a bag. The concept itself appears to be quite simple (similar to those speaker enhancement accessories we’ve seen for the iPhone/iPad) so it shouldn’t be too hard if you wanted to put together something similar. If you do, be sure to drop us an email!

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