Digital Canvas

If you’ve ever paid a visit to Seoul Square, South Korea recently and stuck around until night time, you might have seen the world’s largest LED screen in action. The Digital Canvas, as it is known locally, is actually the Seoul Square building covered with 42,000 LEDs – yes, all 19 floors.  Measuring 83,118 square feet, the Digital Canvas was launched in late 2009, but was restricted to being used for art exhibitions…until now.

The Digital Canvas has opened its doors for business and is looking for advertisers who want to promote their brands or products on the massive screen. Gaming companies are said to be very keen on using the Digital Canvas to host gaming sessions (can you imagine how Star Craft 2 would look like at 19 stories high?!). No word on how much it would cost to rent such a display, but you can be it won’t be cheap. Not to mention, the advertisement will only be shown at night. But for what it’s worth, the screen does look amazing. Check out a music video that was made use of the Digital Canvas after the break:

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