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South Korean Schools Trialling Software To Restrict Phone Use During Class
Back in the day when mobile phones weren’t so readily available, teachers did not have to worry about kids in class being distracted by mobile phones. Then again there were other distractions, such as Gameboy, Game Gear, trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, and so on.However nowadays with kids pretty much having a phone of their own, these distractions can be quite annoying and disruptive, which is why over […]

Being Good At Gaming Could Land You A Spot In South Korea's Universities
Being good at computer games is a skill/talent that most parents will not be able to understand. After all we’re sure most parents have some kind of idea of what kind of life we should lead and what kind of career path we should take, and professional gaming is probably not on the list of many parents.However over in South Korea, it seems that parents might start to reconsider their […]

South Korea Blames North For TV Stations, Banks Cyberattacks
A few weeks ago, we reported on three South Korean television broadcasters and two banks becoming victims of a widespread malware attack, which resulted in serious network outages. The attack was perpetrated by “Whois Team,” which according to South Korea’s internet security agency was carried out by North Korea.The attack was carried out by six computers located in North Korea accessing computer servers in South Korea, which used over a thousand […]

South Korean Broadcasters, Banks Crippled By Malware Attacks
The digital world is starting to become a scary place with reports of numerous popular services getting hacked. We’ve seen ZenDesk, Evernote and even Dropbox suffer from hacker attacks, but a report is coming in from South Korea that may show how fragile our Internet infrastructure may be.Three South Korean television broadcasters and two banks have reported they may have been the victims of a widespread malware attack as they […]


IRiver WOWTab: A Clone Of The Nexus 7?
IRiver has announced a 7-inch tablet for consumers in South Korea. IRiver is known for making multimedia devices and this seems its first step in the tablet market.  The device seems to be identical to the Google Nexus 7 tablet, both in terms of look and feel as well as pricing and specification.

South Korea Looking To Filter Swear Words And Pornography On Teenagers' Smartphones
With today’s society, we’re sure that most parents will be appalled by the things their teens say when they text their friends, what with all the abbreviations, acronyms and swearing involved. While it is debatable as to whether it is right to invade the privacy of your teen, the South Korean government is hoping to do that for parents by installing software on the smartphones of teenagers that will block […]

Sony Mobile Might Quit South Korea Market (Rumor)
There are whispers making its rounds among South Korean media that Sony Mobile could very well edge closer to a total withdrawal from the smartphone market in that part of the world. Word is, Sony Mobile Communications Korea is in the process of being subsumed within Sony Korea, as it begins to wind down its mobile operations in the region. Well, past actions by Sony Mobile has lent some weight […]

HTC closes office in South Korea
What do you do when your phones don’t sell as well as the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note in South Korea? You shut down your office there of course – at least that’s what HTC has done. According to reports online, HTC closed its office in South Korea after not doing very well in the country. Last year, HTC had 2% share of the smartphone market, and in the first […]

Pantech Vega S5 announced
While there aren’t too many “large” phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note or LG Optimus Vu on the market today, it looks like we’ll be seeing one more soon. Also from a Korean company, Pantech, it’s called the Vega S5. It features a 720p 5″ display and packs a Qualcomm dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and a 13-megapixel rear camera. It’s bezel is also supposed to […]

Samsung ships 700,000 Galaxy Notes in South Korea
The Galaxy Note will be arriving on our shores soon, but if you were curious about how it’s been doing in other parts of the world, this news should satisfy your curiosity. According to, Samsung has reportedly sold over 700,000 units of the Samsung Galaxy Note to distributors in South Korea alone. While this doesn’t reflect the number of devices that have made their way to the hands of […]

Samsung Galaxy S2: 5 million sold in South Korea
If you ever wondered how popular the Samsung Galaxy S2 is, you don’t need to look past where the phone came from to find out. It has been reported that Samsung has managed to sell 5 million units of the Android smartphone in South Korea alone. Taking into account the country’s population of 48 million people – that’s slightly more than 10% of the people living there who own a […]

PRADA phone by LG 3.0 now available in South Korea
If you’re looking forward to pick up the recently announced PRADA phone by LG 3.0 today, you don’t have to wait for its international release – just grab a flight to South Korea. LG announced today that the PRADA phone 3.0 is now officially available in South Korea, a month ahead of its January release date for Europe/Asia. The sleek Android phone packs pretty good specs and a classy-looking interface […]

Samsung Galaxy devices control XMAS HUGS robot
If you’ve ever wanted to see a robot made from Samsung devices, look no further: we’ve got one for you. Samsung recently teamed up with RT Corp to come up with a very unique robot named the XMAS HUGS Bot – a robot that features a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE and a Galaxy S2 LTE as its “brain” and “heart”, respectively. The XMAS HUGS robot is capable of interacting […]

Samsung Series 5 ultrabooks announced for South Korea
So far ultrabooks have usually been in the 11-13” range, but Samsung has decided to defy convention by unveiling a 14” ultrabook (and seemingly stretching the definition of an ultrabook) alongside a 13” model under their Series 5 title, which so far has been reserved for Samsung’s Chrome OS-based Chromebook series.