You know those operation games that you have tried out in the past, not to mention the Trauma Center series that was a hit on the Nintendo DS? Well, surgeons have to go through operations nearly every day, and the power of life and death are in their hands – and unlike a video game, there is no save game for them to fall back on, so every decision counts. Good thing when you operate on a robot, you need not worry about frying its circuits, although that doesn’t mean the ever valiant R2-D2 won’t whistle and bleep like heck when it goes under the knife with you at the helm.

Available for pre-order now at $27, the R2-D2 Hasbro Operation game body will start to ship from September onwards. May C-3PO not end up as Artoo’s nurse, otherwise he would have a hard time recovering from all those wisecracks.

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