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R2-D2 Car Charger Is The Droid You've Been Looking For To Charge USB Devices
Today is one of the busiest travel days of the year in the U.S. as people are taking the skies and the roads in order to get to their Thanksgiving destination. If there’s one thing we know about a road trip, it’s the fact that nowadays, you need a way to keep your cellphone charged, especially if you’re streaming media from it to your vehicle. Unfortunately, not all vehicles have […]

R2-D2 With Built-In Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Now Available For $800
Over the past couple of years, we’ve highlighted the R2-D2 multi-console game system, which allows you to play both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 within the famous droid’s small frame. That R2-D2 housed a built-in projector which allows you to game on any wall in your home at any time, and it looks like a similar R2-D2 multi-console game system has just made its way to Etsy where you […]

Star Wars Episode 7 Conceptual Poster Features Luke, Leia, Han Solo
There’s been a lot of talk lately about Star Wars: Episode 7 now that we know all of the original Star Wars actors were accidentally confirmed by George Lucas himself. With that bit of news, Star Wars fans have immediately become extremely excited about the next film and just what kind of role each of the previous film’s stars will have in the new film.Illustrator Adam Schickling created a conceptual Star […]

Lego R2-D2 is fully motorized
The wonderful world of Lego has clearly seen many imaginative creations in the past, but when it comes to popular pop culture, this Lego R2-D2 clearly beats them all. It looks just like the real deal except for being “bricked” – hmmm, imagine Artoo receiving the latest software update OTA and getting bricked in the process, now that would make for a half decent geek joke.


Limited edition droid-themed Xbox 360 unveiled
What do Motorola and Microsoft have in common? Not much at the moment, but come this fall, both companies will have Droid-themed products up for sale. Droid-themed, you say? To be more specific, we’re talking about the droids from Star Wars – and to be even more precise, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite robot: R2D2.

R2-D2 Hasbro Operation game body
You know those operation games that you have tried out in the past, not to mention the Trauma Center series that was a hit on the Nintendo DS? Well, surgeons have to go through operations nearly every day, and the power of life and death are in their hands – and unlike a video game, there is no save game for them to fall back on, so every decision counts. […]

R2D2 Planetarium shows off the Death Star
A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – the opening line of one of the most famous sci-fi franchises to date will remain etched in the memory of many, and so will its collection of zany characters including the affable astromech droid known as R2D2. Having saved the bacon of Jedi-in-training as well as other good guys in the movies, you would have thought that there […]

R2-D2 modified to include Xbox 360
Check out this rather unique modification of the R2-D2 droid, where the modder decided to cram an Xbox 360 inside of it, not to mention throwing in a built-in projector to boot. Taking a couple of weeks to build, it comes with glowing blue LED lights, a projector which can throw an image size anywhere from 15″ to 50″, touch sensitive projector buttons, an HDMI port, optical audio out and […]

R2D2 Most Popular Fictional Robot
Willow Garage, the company developing the real robot PR2 (picture), published the results of their Favorite Fictional Robot Survey that draw over 500 votes: R2-D2 came out on top! (picture) See below the ranking of the 15 robot candidates for this “election”: 1. R2-D2, from Star Wars (81.5% ‘Like It’ votes) 2. Bender, from Futurama (76.4%) 3. WALL-E (73.9%) 4. Marvin, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (66.3%) 5. […]

R2-D2 Casing Houses 10 Consoles And A Projector
We’ve seen some fancy R2-D2 case mods in the past, but this one probably steamrolls most R2-D2 mods out there. We’re talking about a version of R2-D2 that features 10 different consoles, a projector, fancy sound system, blue LED lighting and some more. The back panel allows you to hook up all the consoles at the same time if you so wish to, offering separate audio and video outputs for […]

Verizon Stores Preparing For R2-D2 Droid 2 Midnight Launch
Verizon stores are busy gearing up for the September 30th launch of the special edition R2-D2 Droid 2 Android-powered phone, with midnight costume parties approved too. Pricing hasn’t been officially announced, but we do know that about 100 stores have been given the green light to open late on the 29th to bring in the crowds. Supply of the phone will be limited, and it was earlier mentioned that only […]

Naked R2-D2 Droid 2 images hit the Internet
There is a Star Wars convention that is happening in Orlando, and it was discovered over there that the R2-D2 version of the recently released Droid 2 smartphone has been slated for a September 30 release, giving you slightly more than a month to persuade your missus that you absolutely need to chuck out the EVO 4G simply because you want to be on the Light Side of the Force. […]

Voice Activated R2-D2 makes toys a little bit geekier than they already are
Artoo, as he is affectionately known in the world of Star Wars, is back in a new form from Hammacher as the Voice Activated R2-D2. This motorized replica is smart enough to respond to various voice commands, going up and about rooms as well as hallways in his usual gait. Capable of obeying over 40 voice commands (“Turn around!,” “Move forward two units!” are just two of those), he can […]

R2-D2 USB humidifier
Winter is about to rear its cold and dry head pretty soon for those living in the northern hemisphere, which means it is time to bust out those humidifiers so that you are properly hydrated on the outside. Why not do that by mixing it with your love for all things Star Wars with the R2-D2 USB humidifier? All you need to do is fill up the little critter with […]