If you grew up watching the Transformers franchise, you might have watched the very first animated movie which featured the planet transformer Unicron. If you thought that it would be awesome if they made Unicron into a toy, you’re in luck because Hasbro has since announced that they will be crowdfunding a Unicron Transformer toy.

What makes this particular model different is that it will be a massive undertaking, where it is expected to measure about 2 feet tall and will have over 50 points of articulation. According to Hasbro, “He converts into a terrifying planet mode that will be a stunning 30-inches (762.0 mm) in diameter. The planet mode features the iconic planet-eating jaws, geared to open so Unicron can devour unassuming worlds. The planet mode also features a series of posable planetary rings.”

The toy is launched on Hasbro’s crowdfunding platform, HasLab, where it is commanding the price of $574.99. It is by no means a cheap toy, but given its size and also how it seems to be pretty accurate to what we remember from the movie, it definitely is a toy that is worth collecting. Backers have until the end of August, 2019 to pledge their payments, with the toy estimated to begin shipping out to customers in early 2021.

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