Skype logoWhile Skype hasn’t been extremely reliable in recent months, it’s still one of the most popular VoIP services around and it certainly is very active when it comes to expanding onto every platform out there. From PCs to smartphones, to tablets, Skype can be accessed from pretty much any device available. One of the latest devices to get Skype have been smart TVs, and now it looks like it’ll be arriving on regular TVs as well.

According to a report from the Huffington Post, Comcast will be announcing tomorrow its plans to bring Skype calls to TV sets later this year. Subscribers will rent a kit from Comcast that will have a webcam and an adapter that plugs into the TV. Users will also get a remote that has a keyboard on the back to typing text. Subscribers will get notifications on their TVs and have the option of answering calls full-screen or in a window while watching TV.

No prices have been made known yet, but it needs to be reasonable if Comcast wants to compete against smart TVs or Blu-ray players that have Skype and are already available on the market.

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