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US Senators Are Asking Comcast To Open Up Its WiFi Hotspots For Students
To help those who might be facing financial hardships to stay connected, internet companies such as Comcast had previously announced that they will be opening up more than 1 million of its Xfinity hotspots around the US. This means that for those without internet access at home, they’ll be able to hook onto Comcast’s Xfinity hotspots instead.

Comcast Told To Pay $9.1 Million For Billing Service Plans Without Consent
Comcast has been told to pay a pretty penny for billing plans to customers’ accounts without their consent and knowledge. The company has been ordered by a Washington state judge to pay almost $9.1 million in penalties and restitution for billing its Service Protection Plan to customers over 445,000 times between 2011 and 2016.

T-Mobile And Comcast Working On An Anti-Robocalling Feature
Are you sick of receiving robocalls? At the moment one of the best ways to go about protecting yourself is simply by ignoring calls from numbers you’re not familiar with. It’s not necessarily the most efficient method, but it works. However, the good news is that T-Mobile and Comcast want to make your lives easier.

AT&T And Comcast Team Up To Fight Robocalls
Robocalls are a big problem in the United States and people are increasingly calling on the stakeholders involved to take concrete steps against them. AT&T and Comcast are taking a step in the right direction by announcing a partnership to combat robocalls. AT&T says that this partnership will strive to ensure an exchange of authenticated calls between the two providers’ voice networks, adding that this may be the first partnership […]


Comcast May Launch Streaming Set-Top Box For Internet Customers
As more people cut the cord, companies are looking to come up with ways to address their changing requirements. A new report reveals that Comcast might be planning a streaming set-top box for its internet customers. The product will be offered to its broadband-only customers in the country, enabling them to aggregate apps like Netflix and Amazon as well.

Comcast Drops 21st Century Fox Acquisition Bid
Disney made a $52.4 billion stock-based deal for 21st Century Fox’s TV and film assets but Comcast jumped in to spoil the party for Disney last month with its $65 billion offer. Not only did it come in with a higher offer, it actually made an all-cash offer for $35 per share. This would have resulted in a bidding war for the company and it did. Disney later upped its […]

Comcast's Xfinity Mobile Places New Video Quality And Hotspot Restrictions
Xfinity Mobile, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator owned by Comcast, has announced new restrictions on video quality and hotspot speeds. For those who are unaware, Xfinity Mobile is the MVNO that’s available exclusively to Comcast’s home internet customers and runs on Verizon’s network. The new limitations have been placed on maximum video quality and hotspot speeds that customers can access when they’re on cellular data.

Disney Increases Fox Bid To $71.3 Billion
Disney recently made a $52.4 billion stock-based bid to acquire 21st Century Fox’s film and TV assets. The latter’s board of directors was set to vote on the bid come July 10th. Things got a bit interesting last week when Comcast jumped into the fray and made a higher all-cash bid of almost $65 billion for the company. It was reported that Disney would enter a bidding war with Comcast […]

Disney Will Reportedly Increase Its Bid For Fox
For a moment it almost felt like Disney’s bid for Fox was almost a done-deal, but recently we have been hearing that Comcast wants in on the action and has actually made a bid of $65 billion for the company. This is versus the $52 billion that Disney had initially offered, meaning that Comcast is willing to pay $13 billion more.

Comcast Offers $65 Billion For 21st Century Fox Against Disney
Disney’s $52.4 billion stock-based deal with Fox is still pending for the latter’s TV and film assets but Comcast has now thrown its hat in the ring as well with a competing bid. Comcast has made a higher offer that not only comes in at almost $65 billion but also happens to be an all-cash offer for $35 per share. The bid is expected to mark the beginning of a […]

Comcast Reportedly Signed Up Users For A Deceptive Plan Without Consent
Comcast doesn’t have the best of reputations and recent reports are not going to help the company improve its image. According to reports, the company signed up users for a deception protection plan without their consent. The plan in question is called the Service Protection Plan or SPP. It costs users $6 per month. The plan apparently provides little to no value for $6 per month.

Pandora's Comcast Xfinity X1 App Overhauled
Comcast Xfinity X1 owners who like to use Pandora will be delighted to find out that the music service has overhauled its app for the Xfinity X1 platform. The new app brings an easier sign-in procedure and it also provides access to Pandora Premium and Plus features. The app’s design has been overhauled as well so it’s going to look a bit different.

Comcast 'Instant TV' Streaming Service Release Possible By Year-End
There are already quite a few over-the-top internet TV streaming services out there for cord cutters that don’t want a conventional cable TV package and want the flexibility that comes with an OTT service. Comcast is expected to launch its new “Instant TV” online TV streaming service by the end of this year, according to statements made by the company’s executives during its recent earnings conference call.

Sprint’s Plans To Merge With T-Mobile Might Have Been Put On Hold
A while back, Sprint and T-Mobile were in talks to merge but that did not happen despite both companies seemingly wanting it to happen, but now it looks like Sprint could have a new target in their sights. According to a report from Fox Business, it seems that Sprint has entered into talks with Charter Communications and Comcast.