Life isn’t all that simple these days, and even if you think you’re safe from burglars, you do hear of horror stories from neighbors and friends on getting their homes ransacked when they go off for a holiday. Well, necessity being the mother of all invention has caused Laurence Rook, a 13-year old boy to invent a doorbell which is smart enough to trick potential burglars into thinking that you are at home, never mind that you are halfway around the world.

Calling it the ‘Smart Bell’, it will actually call your handset whenever someone rings on your doorbell, letting you hold a conversation with whoever is at the door. Neat! Just make sure that you have roaming turned on and are prepared to pay obscene roaming charges if you’re overseas, but otherwise, this is the perfect out-of-town solution if you do not want to be thought of as being away.

Apart from that, the doorbell comes in pretty handy to assist delivery workers in completing their deliveries. Rook has already sold 20,000 units to communications firm Commtel Innovate, and might see him sell another 25,000 more to an unidentified firm, making him 250,000 pounds richer in the process.

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