Neostitch iPhone 4 Case lets you create your own designs

Tired of how bland and unattractive your iPhone 4 case looks? Can’t find a case on sale that suits your taste? Well, the folks over at Connect Design have got the answer for you – just as long as you have a bit of artistic and cross-stitching skills. Called the Neostitch iPhone 4 Case, it is a specially designed iPhone 4 Case that is basically a blank canvas that protects your iPhone 4 and makes it stand out from all your friends’ iPhones.

The Neostitch iPhone 4 Case is a plain-looking iPhone 4 case that is perforated with a grid of tiny holes, which you can use a needle and thread to cross-stitch your own design onto its surface. How’s that for customization? The case comes with two needles and threads in three different colors, with some instructions to get you started. Sure, it’s going to be a lot harder than looking for the perfect case in a shop, but hey – you’re going to end up with a case you can be proud of creating. It’s something not many people can say they did. The Neostitch iPhone 4 Case is available now for $18.

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