Plant-computer hybrid concept

Computers tend to guzzle up a lot of power, but that was in the past, with greater advancements, computers have been more environmentally friendly than ever without having to sacrifice their performance. When it comes to concepts, however, one can clearly throw out all conventional rules out of the window – this plant/computer hybrid concept is not only a fully functional computer, but a functioning plant as well. Dubbed “Secondary Growth”, the computer has a planter built around it, filled with soil which is carefully separated from the computer’s highly sensitive innards. To put it in a nutshell, that soil is capable of supporting plant life, although we don’t think the insects and other creepy crawlies on your budding plants would find the heat from the computer inviting. 

At least the computer segment of this concept is modular, which means you can swap out various components as and when required – including the graphics card, RAM, processor and hard drive in the form of cartridges. Apart from that, these cartridges will stick out of the computer, making them cooler literally and figuratively. Water the plant and you literally end up with a water-cooled computer, how “cool” is that?

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