Skype logoAVG has just issued new warning to all Skype users, informing them about the recent rise in Vishing attacks. In case you were wondering what “Vishing” was (don’t worry, I was too before I read the warning), it is a new form of attack that’s been plaguing users of the popular VoIP service. It is basically a voice variation of the common phishing scam.

Here’s how it works: users receive an automated voice message via Skype saying that their PCs were checked and that a “fatal virus” was found. The message then provides them with a link to a malicious website that is supposed to “cure” the virus. Users who don’t know better will unknowingly download malicious software disguised as security updates or antivirus tools that attempt to scam them into providing personal information that can be used to break into financial, social networking and other accounts.

The solution to this problem? Just hang up the phone call to end the conversation, blocking the user and then reporting the incident to Skype. Like most malware or scams, all it takes is a little caution and some common sense – don’t trust people you don’t know, especially when they send you links to dodgy websites.

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