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Texas School District Lost $2.3 Million In A Phishing Email Scam
Whenever we publish a security-focused article or news, it probably involves a warning to a phishing scam one way or another.However, this time, it is the Manor Independent School District that was a victim to an email phishing scam which resulted in the loss of approximately $2.3 million.Even though the Manor Police Department along with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is investigating the incident, it looks quite bad.They do […]

Dislike Button Scam Discovered
We did bring you word not too long ago that CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, dropped hints that there might be a new feature down the road which would allow one to ‘dislike’ your friends’ posts – and as to whether this will end up as a ‘Dislike’ button or some sort of emoji, that remains to be seen. After all, there is this sense of awkwardness that is associated […]

FBI Task Force: Email Scams Netted Over $214 Million In A Year
Email scams are something that every single computer users, especially those who are new to the Internet, ought to be aware of. I am quite surprised to realize that while we give proper training and classes to those who drive, when it comes to the online, you would most probably have to teach yourself, and sometimes, learning a lesson can be particularly expensive. An FBI task force has shared that […]

Woman Purchases $1,300 Worth Of iPhones, Receives Apples Instead
Now here is some depressing news to start off the week with – a woman in Australia picked up a couple of iPhones after she posted an advertisement on a website, only to find out after dropping $1,300 for what she thought were two iPhones, ended up with a couple of boxes with one apple each inside. The Herald Sun reported that the core of an agreement was reached between […]


FTC shuts down telemarketing scammers posing as tech support
The FTC today froze the assets of 14 companies involved in a long-term scam. These companies, usually based in India, cold-called up English-speaking consumers posing as a representative of a major tech company, such as Microsoft, Symantec (makers of Norton Antivirus), and Dell. Using the credibility that they stole posing as representatives of a tech company, they told the marks that their PCs (usually Windows) were infected with nasty malware. […]

Xbox Live users target of phishing scam
“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” I guess plenty of people fall under the first category each and every single minute with the number of phishing scams and e-mails that are sent to inboxes worldwide, and if you are an Xbox Live user, then might we caution you to be on extra alert as some folks have already been scammed by a fake email. […]

Twitter phishing scam pretends to be concerned about you
A new Twitter phishing scam has been on the rise recently, and this time it takes the form of a direct message from hijacked accounts sending out concerned messages to its followers. The messages are something along the lines of: “I saw a real bad blog about you, you seen this?” with a shortened URL for you to click on. Clicking on it won’t do anything nasty right away, but […]

Scammers exploit Steve Jobs' death
Tragedy struck yesterday when the tech world lost an iconic visionary known as Steve Jobs. While most of the world paid respects and held tributes to the man, heartless scammers decided to take advantage of the situation with a brand new ploy. Some scammers have set up a website at the URL:, which attempts to collect email addresses by luring people into a contest to win a MacBook Pro […]

iPhone 5 email scam in full swing
The new iPhone is less than a day away from being announced and many people will be keen on picking one up. Well, some folks have decided to take advantage of this fact and have been sending out emails with a link to download malware in the form of an “iPhone 5GS” advertisement, promising to get you one delivered to your door by Friday. To the trained eye and most […]

Diablo 3 beta invitation email phishing scam
Yes, the closed beta for Diablo 3 has started, and it’s no secret that everybody is interested in getting an invite. Well, some scammers have decided to use the Diablo 3 hype as an opportunity to phish for some account details of users. An email has been circulating around from a spoofed email address of with a message about the recipient being selected for the Diablo 3 beta […]

"Lady Gaga found dead in hotel room" is a scam
If you’ve recently noticed links on Facebook or Twitter about the death of Lady Gaga in a hotel room, don’t start panicking – she’s not dead. However some scammers have decided to use her fame as a way to spread a new scam. Clicking on the link lands you on a Facebook page which asks you to “Pay With A Tweet” (a legitimate app that grants you access to stuff […]

Police warn of iPad scam in Texas
If you’re living in Grand Prairie, Texas, or plan on visiting, police are warning those in the area to keep an eye out for a scam involving Apple’s iPad. Given the popular nature of the iPad 2, it’s really no surprise that there would be scams involving the tablet, although we think that with this scam it’s kind of a no-brainer that you would be able to avoid it.

MobileMe/iCloud phishing scam on the rise again
Apple announced its intentions to replace MobileMe with iCloud earlier this year at the WWDC 2011, and not long after that, phishing scams taking advantage of this update started to rise. While it wasn’t so huge back then, it looks like those phishing scams have started to rise again, according to a report from MacRumors.

Skype Vishing: a new form of phishing on the rise
AVG has just issued new warning to all Skype users, informing them about the recent rise in Vishing attacks. In case you were wondering what “Vishing” was (don’t worry, I was too before I read the warning), it is a new form of attack that’s been plaguing users of the popular VoIP service. It is basically a voice variation of the common phishing scam.