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Wozniak’s Conundrum steampunk Mac has ancient keyboard

steampunk macAh, there is nothing quite like bridging the generational gap in humans, even more so in electronics. What you see above is known as Wozniak’s Conundrum, paying t homage to the other Steve, where it takes on a steampunk design approach coupled with a really, really old keyboard. We’re talking about a fully functional Mac that will get its input kicks from a 114-year old Remington typewriter keyboard which hails all the way back from 1897.

As for the mouse? You will be privy to using a mouse that was constructed using parts from an old Morse Code telegraph key. Of course, the Mac itself isn’t exactly up to date, being a 1991 Mac model, coupled with Mac OS 7.5 and a 56K modem that was cobbled together from old phone parts and a floppy drive. Talk about a labor of love – this deserves all the kudos and praise even if you’re not an Apple fanboy.

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