It wasn’t too long ago that we reported on fake Apple stores popping up in China. When we say fake we mean that the shops have been designed to look like official Apple retail outlets, from the furniture used, to the interior design, right down to the uniforms that the staff wear. In fact the staff think that they are working for Apple, when in reality they are not.

While news of the fake retail stores were exploding all over the internet, Apple seemed to remain pretty quiet about it and given the recent lawsuits that they have embroiled themselves in lately, you would think that they would be all over this. As it turns out China’s government stepped in for them and shut several of these fake stores down.

It has now been reported that Apple is now taking legal action against these fake retail stores for trademark infringement, but not the ones in China, but rather the ones in the US. The details are still hush-hush for now although the companies that Apple are taking action against have weird names such as “Fun Zone Inc.” and “Apple Story”. We’re pretty sure that customers who have went to these stores and paid a premium for their Apple goods are probably not too happy, especially when it comes to their warranties.

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