China has had its fair share of firsts – the first aircraft carrier, the first stealth fighter, and now, we have the first robotic flying drone known as the F50. Sounds like a Ferrari to you, no? This is a whole lot less flamboyant and it won’t screech to announce your arrival, but rather, it intends to go about its job quietly. Being China’s first robotic flying drone, this UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is China’s first entrant in this area.

While it is extremely small in size and range, it still comes with a built-in high-definition video camera that will help the authorities monitor dangerous emergency situations including building fires, hostage-taking incidents and other activities that happen in environments that are deemed hazardous to humans. Robots really get the short end of the stick, no? Good thing too, as they won’t ask for a raise in their salaries, won’t get tired and do not rebel against your commands.

On the other hand, the F50 is a double-edged sword – it could be used to monitor anti-government protests, especially in countries such as China, where it will go about recording images of participants from a faraway distance.

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