Just before you get all proud and smug that the US Air Force has the most advanced hardware and planes in the world, bear in mind that China, the awakened dragon, might just have a trick up their sleeve as well. This blurry image (as is customary with all spy shots) could be a stealth fighter, either that or a Chinese government misinformation campaign. Of course, you can never discount the fact that this is a clever PHotoshop job, but some people might just wish this is hard evidence of the long-rumored Chengdu J-20, China’s first stealth-fighter prototype. Apparently, the Chengdu J-20, if it exists, measures around 70 feet from nose to tail, and might come with larger weapon bays and more fuel than the F-22 albeit sacrificing those for lower supercruise performance. The best way to find out whether this is true or not? Wait and see – the Chinese government will be forced to fly it sooner or later, and that is where real intelligence gathering kicks off.

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