Robots tend to be controlled remotely, but how many of them will actually respond to your hand signals? This modified Qbo robot from TheCorpora has been tinkered with by the company’s researchers, perhaps they received inspiration from Star Wars and decided that hand signals are the perfect way to convey the feeling of controlling something via the Force. Well, this particular Qbo will use its stereoscopic cameras to interpret the various hand signals in order to take advantage of its music player functionality – transforming this little robot that could into a portable stereo system.

Make a fist and Qbo will play back the current tune, while pausing it if it is in play upon seeing your fist. Hold your hand out in a natural “stop” motion will, of course, cease all playback. Want to scroll to your favorite song? Just point your index finger left to go back one track, or stick out your thumb to the right in order to advance one track.

Volume can be increased by flashing the “V” symbol with your fingers, but doing so with your fingers pointed down will have Qbo take the opposite route.

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