We all know what a worldwide phenomenon Angry Birds is at the moment, and I am afraid that eventually Angry Birds might be the downfall of Rovio. After all, Motorola was in the doldrums after the immensely successful RAZR line of phones, making them a victim of their own success. But I digress – in a recent study that was conducted, it was realized that male gamers are 35% more likely to go for the paid version after giving the free version a trial, compared to female gamers.

Market research firm Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) was the one who carried out the 1,000-person survey, where it specifically targeted the spending habits of Angry Birds players. If you’re a male who falls under the 18-24 years old category, you are the most likely to convert, being 29% more so compared to those who are over 25, and 32% more likely than 18-24 year old females. Good luck persuading a female over 25 to convert – they are the lowest converting demographic.

I guess there is a reason for this – while girlfriends go shopping and spend hours looking for the perfect dress, what do you expect us guys to do? We unlock Golden Eggs, that’s what!

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