Angry Birds
We all know that Angry Birds was a hit, but exactly how successful is the game? Well according to recently announced stats, from Rovio’s General Manager for North America, Andrew Stalbow; Angry Birds has been downloaded over 350 million times since the game was launched way back in 2009 (wow, it’s been that long!). Apparently the game is also played for about 300 million minutes collectively – on a daily basis.

In addition to topping the charts when it comes to downloads, Angry Birds merchandise has been pulling in lots of money for the company as well, with over 3 million plush toys being sold last June, Rovio is now selling one million a month, in addition to a million t-shirts a month as well. And that’s not inclusive of all the pirated merchandise that can be found for sale in some parts of the world.

It sure looks like Rovio can just continue to keep pushing out Angry Birds games for the rest of the company’s life – if they choose to do so. Obviously they’ve gotten the formula for the perfect game down. It’ll be interesting to see what non-Angry Birds games the company will come up with.

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