Let’s face it, when taking videos or photos with your phone, your hands will naturally shake and it will be hard to beat the stability that a tripod brings to the table. A newly published patent from Apple has revealed how the Cupertino company has plans to one day make use of the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to compensate for shaky video recordings.

The patent suggests that while stabilization software isn’t new, the processing usually takes up too much resources, which could end up draining the battery really quickly. In addition, current algorithms may generate incorrect estimates therefore not really improving the video at all.

Thanks to gyroscopes and accelerometers found in newer smartphones, the data that it generates will be added to the algorithm, helping improve its efficiency. As we mentioned earlier, the stabilization process could be resource draining, which is why Apple’s solution would be to selectively control the motion stabilization feature, correcting only where it has been deemed necessary by measuring it against a pre-set threshold.

With the iPhone 4’s camera currently favored by many amateur photographers, could this patent also help bring aboard budding videographers who would rather not invest in an expensive video camera, instead relying on just their iPhone?

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