Nokia Car Mode app
Driving and using your phone in the car at the same time is a dangerous thing to do, but sometimes you can’t avoid such situations. And since phone manufacturers know that people won’t stop using their phones while driving at the same time, most of them have come up with a “car mode” for phones – bigger buttons that are easier to see and press for one-handed operations, and voice activated commands so that drivers keep their hands on the wheel.

Well it looks like Nokia plans to take car mode a step further with its Nokia Car Mode app. Supporting the MirrorLink standard that connects phones to in-car screens, the Nokia Car Mode app will let users plug their phones into their cars so that they can be operated with the car’s controls. This will allow users to answer calls using the car’s own sound system, display information on the larger display (so users don’t have to squint or look down at their phones), and even control the volume of calls, music and the satnav all at the same time. It will be like as if the car had all those phone functions itself.

The Nokia Car Mode app will be available for the Nokia 600, Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and earlier smartphones that have been upgraded to Symbian Belle. It will also be available for the Nokia N9. Watch a video demonstration of Nokia Car Mode:

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