Being in the military often brings the advantage of playing with some of the cooler devices out there that the average Joe on the street would never have dreamed of. For example, Coolfire Solutions recently introduced their Scout Observer military kit that allows soldiers to access field intelligence simply by using their iPhone 4 as its core. Hmmm, I suppose a lull in battle might even see them trying to crack some Golden Eggs in Angry Birds, but no idea on whether that will result in a court marshall or not.

This unique Scout Observer will use Apple’s phone to hook up to a satellite frequency observer which is capable of locating the handset’s position over GPS in addition to searching for raw wireless signals within range, including other satellites. This box might be far larger than the iPhone 4, but it is super tough at just six pounds, making it nearly 27 times lighter compared to the US military’s SATCOM box – which is a boon to those who want to carry it with them to the front lines.

Your iPhone’s precious Gorilla Glass won’t get scratched in all that action though since it remains safe and comfortable within a sealed-up compartment. No idea on how the Scout Observer works, but chances are there is an internal battery pack to keep it juiced up without relying on the iPhone for power. Where is the Android compatible version?

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