Google Maps single language labels
If you use Google Maps in English to look up a foreign country, you might notice that locations on your maps have a large amount of labels – the location name transliterated and in its native language. While it’s great for learning how places are named in other languages, it resulted in an unnecessary amount of clutter on the map itself. Google has just issued an update that allows you to select which language labels you would like to see. By using just a single language i.e. English, you can halve the number of labels on the map which gives you a less complicated map to navigate with.

As of now, Google has single-language maps for 5 major languages – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and English, though you can expect support for more languages to arrive in the future. No word on when it’ll be available on the mobile version of Maps, but it’s a great addition to the already useful service. Check out the feature on Google Maps now.

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