Presentation system KinectNormally when you present something with the aid of a projector, you can end up blocking words and diagrams if you don’t position yourself carefully. Well, some folks in Japan have come up with a solution to the problem – with the help of the Kinect. A research group from Meiji University and AIST recently came up with a unique presentation system that makes use of Microsoft’s motion controller.


When a person stands in front of some text or an image that he/she isn’t supposed to block, the system can detect this and reposition all the elements on the projection – this way a presenter doesn’t have to worry about where he/she is standing and can go on presenting without a hitch. In addition to being able to dynamically reposition elements, the system can also be manipulated via gestures and body language, so a user can switch slides by just making a motion – no more having to deal with remote controls.

Check out a video demonstration of how this presentation system works:

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