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Adok Aura Touchscreen PC Projector For Collaborative Work
Adok Aura is a smart projector with a built-in Windows 10 PC that turns any surface into a tablet with an extra-large touch display. Aimed at making collaborative work easy, fun and efficient, Adok Aura is equipped with a PC processor, a battery, a webcam, a microphone, a speaker and projects a large HD resolution touch display on any table.  Last year, the company showed a CES Award recipient prototype […]

Casio EcoLite XJ-V2 Projector Paves Way For A Greener Earth
[CES 2016] It must be noted that we do not pass down the earth to the next generation, but rather, we inherit it – which is why we should do our utmost best to take good care of the earth, and one of the easiest ways of doing so would be to make use of “green” technology. Casio knows this, which is why it has added another member to the […]

ZTE Spro 2 Wireless Smart Projector Heads To AT&T
Earlier this year, we did manage to talk about the ZTE Spro 2 wireless smart projector, where this nifty little gizmo is said to run on the Android mobile operating system, in addition to having LTE connectivity, not to mention Play Store access. Well, now that we are already in the month of April, it is nice to know that this device is all set to debut on AT&T exclusively […]

LG Expands Minibeam Projector Range
LG might be a whole lot more famous for their OLED TVs as well as smartphones, in addition to other kinds of consumer electronics devices, but this does not mean that they have neglected another market segment – the projector niche. Having said that, LG intends to introduce a couple of portable projectors under the Minibeam family – and we are looking at the Minibeam Pro (Model PF1500) alongside the […]


Celluon Reveals PicoPro And PicoAir Projectors
[CES 2015] Celluon has just announced their PicoPro and ProAir projectors, where these happen to be the only high definition, focus-free smartphone-sized laser pico projectors that are in the market to deliver an immersive viewing experience at any one time – regardless of the place. Both of them intend to offer superior image quality alongside screen size without losing focus. Being small enough to fit into most pockets, these are […]

LG Bluetooth MiniBeam Projector Set To Arrive In Europe This September
Mini-, or pico projectors as they are known, does occupy an extremely niche market to say the least, but somehow or rather, this particular portable accessory has not exactly gone the way of the dodo like the netbook, which is rather strange. LG has just announced that they will be shipping their PW700, or better known as the LG Bluetooth MiniBeam Projector, to European markets from September 2014 onward.

Sprint ZTE Live Pro Android Projector, Now Available
Earlier this year at CES, ZTE unveiled what they are calling “the first smart projector”, which is odd since we’ve seen many other Android projectors. The good news for those who are looking or could be interested in such a product is that ZTE has announced the availability of the device where it will be available via Sprint where it will also be known as the Sprint LivePro.

ZTE MF97A: Possible Sprint Android Wi-Fi Hotspot That Projects As Well
Pico projectors have more or less gone the way of the dodo – or to put it in a technologically correct context, the way of the netbook. There is basically no strong market to drive innovation as well as a high adoption rate in order to turn it into a dynamic market niche, quite unlike the smartphone and tablet markets that are fast growing, with some companies like Lenovo wanting […]

Seiko Epson's Projector Offers Touch Sensitive Screen
Are all projectors created equal? Apparently not, as evident by this Seiko Epson EB-595WT wall-mounted projector. The big question is, what makes the Seiko Epson EB-595WT so different from the rest that it deserves a special mention? Well, the Seiko Epson EB-595WT makes its mark from the crowded projector market by offering the unique ability to be operated simply by touching a projected screen with your finger, which is a […]

Smart Phone Projector Looks Corny But Works As Intended
I know that Samsung must have tried pretty hard to come up with a device that they hoped would be the bee’s knees, which is a smartphone that has a built-in projector in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Beam, not to mention whispers of a successor in the pipeline having made its way out, too. That’s cool, but a modern day smartphone which already places a premium on battery […]

Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector: Hands-On
In a corner of Sony’s CES Booth, the company was demonstrating inspirational home electronics like a huge 147-inch projected 4K image, a projected table computer, or innocuous display art on the wall. While everything was interesting, the star of the show was this ultra short throw projector that can project a very nice 147 inch image on a nearby wall, from a distance of about 1 or 2 feet.

Piano Projector Makes Learning How To Play As Easy As Rock Band
Learning how to play the piano is something we’re sure you’ve been meaning to do at some point in your life as there’s nothing more classy than being able to tickle the ole ivories at a dinner party. Finding both the time and money to learn how to play the piano is something we’re sure many of you haven’t been able to do, but now that there’s a projector system […]

Sony Announces New Projectors At CEDIA 2013
Sony has decided to introduce a trio of new SXRD projectors at CEDIA 2013, where among them include a couple of 4K models as well as a Full HD model for the masses. Of course, having plenty of money is one thing, but to know what to do with it is another, and for those who feel like flirting with a new projector simply because they have the means to […]

EPICT EPP-100 Projector Is Android-Powered
Most folks, when they throw their first glance at the EPICT EPP-100, would most probably think that this is just another pico projector. While the EPICT EPP-100 might be small in stature and has the capability to throw an image onto a screen or wall, it is much more than a pico projector. Nestled within its 2.7″ x 2.4″ x 2.2″ chassis lies the innards that power the Android operating […]

Microsoft IllumiRoom Could Equip The Xbox 720 With A Projector
At this year’s CES, Microsoft decided to tease us a bit with its IllumiRoom concept which was shown to expand the visuals of your game beyond your HDTV. After 3 months since its initial unveiling, Microsoft has released a new video showing off the concept once again.Microsoft’s Illumiroom could end up being a device that would sit on a coffee table in order to work together with the Kinect to project […]

Sony Projectors Does Wireless Image Transfer
We have seen our fair share of projectors in the past, ranging from portable ones to models that are meant for classrooms, but this time around, Sony Japan has announced yet another five more business class LCD projectors, where these are divided into two different series. The new Sony interactive LCD projectors sport one interesting capability, that is, it is able to transfer images sans wires from smartphones and tablets, […]

Bike Headlight Used To Project Your Speed Limit
Riding a bicycle can be a freeing way to travel as you don’t have to worry about rising gas prices or finding a parking spot once you arrive at your destination as a tree and a lock can get the job done. One thing bicycle riders are always curious about when riding is just how fast they’re going, and if they will possibly go back in time at their current […]

ViewSonic PJD8 Series Projectors Deliver Dual Pen Interactivity and Advanced Connectivity Technology
ViewSonic does not only roll out monitors and TVs that hit the sweet spot in your bank account without breaking it, they are also involved in other aspects of the imaging business, and ultra-short throw networked projectors are another revenue earner for the company. In fact, ViewSonic has just announced their latest PJD8 series that will come with a wide range of features including dual pen interactivity and advanced connectivity […]

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E-Series Launched at CeBIT 2013
[CeBIT 2013] Fujitsu launched its new LIFEBOOK E-Series at CeBIT and I had the opportunity to get my hands on the devices. The new lineup comes in three flavors: the E733 features a 13-inch 1366×768 display, the E743 gets a 14-inch 1600×900 display and you can get the 15.6-inch either with a 1366×768 or a Full HD (920×1080) screen.The new E-series has been built using the same motherboard for the […]

Sony Laser Light Source Projectors Offer Unparalleled Brightness
Sony has just announced that they will be rolling out their next generation WUXGA installation projector that will sport Laser Light Source Technology, delivering what Sony claims to be a “world’s first” 3LCD laser, 4,000 lumens WUXGA (1920 x 1200) projector. It is no surprise then, to have another superlative attached to it , making it the brightest projector of its kind and a first for the industry.What makes the […]