You know how clever the world of design has become, where our standard issue refrigerators these days come with highly reflective surfaces that helps you do away with mirrors in the kitchen? Want to see whether that tie of yours is out of place? Simple, just walk up to the refrigerator and make an adjustment. Samsung plays with this idea further by assigning their engineers to work with advanced LED technologies in order to turn ordinary window panes into surfaces that also double up as lighting and display screens.

According to the Korea Times, the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology managed to successfully fabricate “single crystalline Gallium Nitride on amorphous glass substrates”, a breakthrough that might just see Samsung distance itself from sapphire substrates, a move that will assist them in building far larger products without incurring increasing production costs. According to a Samsung researcher who is working at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, “In ten years, window panes will double as lighting and display screens, giving personality to buildings.”

Don’t expect to see this hit the market anytime soon though as the South Korean manufacturer claims that this technology still has a long way to go – we’re looking at at least a decade before it is ready for commercial production.

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