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Nokia Windows Phone ads leaked

Nokia WP adNokia World is only a few weeks away, and it looks like the Finnish company is gearing up for the event with adverts for its upcoming devices. The Nokia Sea Ray has been spotted in a couple of ads found by the guys at Pocketnow. This time around it looks like the phone will be called the Nokia 800, though it might be marketed under a different name depending on which part of the world it is released it (i.e. Lumia, Sabre, Sun, and Ace).

The ads aren’t too interesting and don’t contain any new information about the devices, but the bright colors and fun vibe of the adverts make it look like Nokia’s trying to cater to a younger audience with its upcoming Windows Phone devices. I guess we’ll just have to see when they’re finally released. Hit the break for one more advert, and let us know what you think about them:

Nokia WP ad

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