Scanomat TopBrewer brews you a cup of coffee via your iPhone/iPadEver wished you had a faucet that could dispense you coffee while being controlled via your iPhone? Okay to be honest that would be a rather weird wish and we’re not sure how many of you guys actually have that, but the good folks down at Scanomat have decided that there is a need for an iPhone-controlled-coffee-dispensing-faucet and thus the TopBrewer was born!

To be clear, there’s a lot more than meets the eye here. The TopBrewer is actually a coffee maker but it has been designed in such a way that only the stainless steel tap is exposed, thus giving off a very simplistic and minimalist feel that seems to be quite the rage these days in home interior design.

How it pairs with the iPhone is through an app that essentially is a menu of sorts and lets you choose what sort of coffee you would like brewed. So if you wanted a latte, you’d select it from the app, place your cup under the tap and wait for the TopBrewer to make one for you. Unfortunately no word on how much or when Scanomat will release the TopBrewer, but this is definitely a gadget we wouldn’t mind having.

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