Apple certainly knows how to set a trend, and while Samsung might have received their latest blow in Germany and in Europe where court rulings are concerned, the South Korean company might have just irked Apple executives further by introducing an engraving service for each purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Yes, I know, engraving your device (an Apple) is nothing new, but for Samsung to introduce something like this might just trigger more sales of the Galaxy Note than expected. Sure makes it far harder for a thief to sell a stolen device, is it not? Seems like the rest of the world has been enjoying the Galaxy Note for some time already, while those of us in the US are still waiting for AT&T and their February launch. Having said that, do you think the engraving service would be made available to us folks living Stateside when the Galaxy Note arrives? Makes for a perfect gift, actually, especially when you accompany the right kind of message with the Galaxy Note.

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Samsung Galaxy Note
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~$? - Amazon
8 MP
Image Stabilization
178 g
2500 mAh
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