Galaxy Note keyboardWhile the Samsung Galaxy Note does have a large, gorgeous display, its size definitely makes it a bit clunky for one-handed use. A big problem if you’re trying to use the phone while holding something in your other hand at the same time. Well, it looks like Samsung has recognized this issue and has pushed out an update for the phone to address it.

The latest update for the Samsung Galaxy Note implements some features to make one-handed usage easier to do. Firstly, the distance to unlock the phone at the unlock screen has been reduced, so there’s no need to swipe the whole screen anymore. Secondly, the keyboard can be shifted to the left or right to make typing easier with one hand. An additional row has also been added to the keyboard which makes typing numbers less of a hassle.

The update is being pushed out over the air and should arrive on unlocked devices first (those sold in Europe/Asia). While it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, the usefulness of this update should help pass time until the major update arrives.

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