Whenever you see a deal that is too good to be true, it would be prudent to tread carefully – after all, you might end up with a spoiled product (despite being original), a clone, or even a stolen device. This is what happened to a 22 year-old in her 4th year of university in Kanazawa, Japan, after placing an order for an iPod via an Internet auction site to replace the one that she had lost earlier on after it was stolen. Upon securing the winning bid and receiving the iPod after a while, she received quite a shock – simply because the iPod that she purchased was hers! Needless to say, after reporting to the relevant authorities, another 22 year-old university student who was in her 2nd year was arrested after being suspected of stealing said iPod from the first student’s parked car just last month.

The winning bid for the stolen iPod? A mere $65, and this kind of reunification story does bring a smile to one’s face, even though it concerns (wo)man and machine, instead of a happy family reunion that we normally read about once in a while. Those who have had their gadgets stolen, doesn’t this story give you a glimmer of hope that you might see it one day down the road in the immediate future?

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