With smartphones now being able to play music, the need for dedicated music players has declined, save for those in the audiophile community who still use specific brands and models that can support lossless audio playback. Even Apple’s famed iPod no longer has a home in the company’s website’s navigation bar.

However, thanks to TikTokers, it seems that the iPod Shuffle is experiencing a new surge in popularity, specifically the second-gen model that came in bright and fun colors. However, these TikTokers aren’t necessarily using these iPods the way Apple intended, but rather as fashion accessories where many are finding them to be actually pretty good hair clips.

That being said, we doubt that this surge in popularity will make Apple reconsider bringing it back. It should be noted that the iPod Shuffle was officially discontinued back in 2017 and that at the moment, the only iPod that Apple is still selling is the iPod Touch which users need to specifically search for.

The iPod Shuffle lasted a grand total of four generations and over the years, we’ve seen various iterations of the iPod series, including the Nano, Mini, Classic, and Touch. So if you happen to have an old iPod Shuffle lying around and you typically wear hair clips, maybe this could be a new fashion accessory worth trying out.

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