Expect to hear many more rumors surrounding the iPad 3 as it draws nearer and nearer to the purported first week of March announcement, and what we are about to share here is definitely not something we were expecting – the possible existence of a smaller iPad. The iPad mini, if you will, will sport a far smaller 7″ display, which presumably makes it diminutive enough to hold in just one hand without worrying about it dropping onto the ground. Did you see this potential curveball coming your way, and how high do you think the probability of such a device will be released? Personally, I do not think it exists, and for the same reasons as to why Apple does not have an iPhone mini to accompany the iPhone. Instead, the iPad 3 will most probably exist alongside the iPad 2, where the latter will be priced more affordably to reach out to the masses, just like how the iPhone 4 manages to exist peacefully side by side with the iPhone 4S.

The late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, believed that 7″ tablets are just too small – which would definitely be one of the reasons folks like me think the 7″ iPad mini is just not possible. What about you?

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