Bing SkypeBing and Skype fans have a new reason to rejoice. Microsoft announced today on the official Bing blog that it will be rolling out new rewards for Bing users. Over the next few days, it will be adding Skype Credit to the Bing Rewards redemption center. For 100 Bring Rewards Credits, members can trade them in for up to 60 minutes worth of Skype Credit (based on call rates of 2.3 cents per minute) for making calls on Skype. With the Skype Credit they can make calls to landlines or mobile phones, send SMS to mobile phones, set up a Skype To Go number or access Skype WiFi though 3rd-party hotspots.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Bing Rewards, users basically earn credits by using Bing to perform their searches or trying out new features on the service. With these credits, they can trade them in for different rewards at the Bing Rewards redemption center – it’s basically Microsoft’s incentive program for people to using Bing as their default search engine and more. Definitely a win-win situation for people who already love using Bing anyway. Find out more about Bing Rewards.

[Bing Rewards redemption center]

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