You know the classic symptoms of a liar – twitching eyes, touching one’s nose or ear, fidgeting around, an overall nervous feeling, but those who are extremely skilled in the art of lying can even pass a polygraph test with flying colors. Just how else will technology be able to help the long arm of the law detect liars that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes? Well, there seems to be a new software that is capable of identifying liars more accurately compared to seasoned police investigators. This software will also search for telltale eye movements, and has an accuracy rate of approximately 82.5% thereabouts. When compared to experienced police officers, the men in uniform hit an accuracy rate of around 65%. Now this is one huge leap in accuracy, don’t you think so? There is one caveat though – the software will just look at the face for telltale signs, but a human looks at the entire body. I guess if it can get the job done well enough just by looking at the face alone, let it be.

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