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Just like every smartphone user looks forward to a major software upgrade, Tesla owners wait for a software update for their cars. And, the wait is finally over.

Tesla has announced the version 10.0 software release and it will be delivered via an over-the-air update.

Unlike other updates, this is a pretty significant upgrade with new useful features added.

Even though the full list of changes can be found in their official blog, we shall take a look at the key highlights.

With the new update, Tesla V10.0 adds ‘Car Summon’ feature which lets you enable the self-drive ability in the car even while in the parking lot to come to you. So, literally, the car will be ‘summoned’ to the destination, given that you are in the line of sight.

This makes it convenient for people who cannot go near the car after shopping (or any other task). It should come in handy while it is raining as well.

In the supported models with a center display, you will be able to connect Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube to access it anytime you want.

For music enthusiasts, it now comes with a karaoke feature which lets you sing to the tunes of your favorite song. The library is huge – so you can explore it if you want.

The new software update also extends support for Spotify Premium members in various regions along with Slacker Radio and TuneIn service support. Other changes include the security improvement, streaming support, and gaming too.

The newly added features are quite impressive and helpful. While the feature like ‘Car Summon’ may depend on where you parked (what’s in the surrounding), it is still one of the major additions with this update.

What do you think about the version 10 update? Did you update yours yet? Let us know your thoughts on it.

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