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Tesla V10.0 Car Software Update Includes Major Changes For Entertainment & Convenience
Just like every smartphone user looks forward to a major software upgrade, Tesla owners wait for a software update for their cars. And, the wait is finally over.Tesla has announced the version 10.0 software release and it will be delivered via an over-the-air update.Unlike other updates, this is a pretty significant upgrade with new useful features added.Even though the full list of changes can be found in their official blog, […]

How To Completely Erase An SSD With WipeDrive
After 5 years of typing up class papers and worksheets for your first job, the laptop you got your sophomore year of college is now slow and you’ve just purchased its replacement.  The new laptop is fast and can handle all the programs you need to run for your job but what do you do with your old laptop?The old laptop has tax information, personal photos, videos, logins, that are […]

‘Focus,’ First Hollywood Film Edited With Final Cut Pro X, Releases This Week
It is matter of days before the first Hollywood film ever to be edited with Apple’s editing software, Final Cut Pro X, will be shown on the silver screen. “Focus” starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie will goes down in history book as the first ever film to be edited with FCPX.The film’s director, Glenn Ficarra has spoken to USA today on his many reasons why he chose to edit […]

How To DVD Rip With HandBrake
With the emergence of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, Chromebooks and laptops, there is an insatiable need for content. The obvious source of content is our personal movie DVD library. All that is needed is to convert the DVD content into some sort file format with playback capabilities. The process is known as DVD ripping, capable of extracting an 8GB DVD content into a 800 MB file with little to none quality […]

Advertising Lets You Live “Forever”
Who wants to live forever? Plenty of us, I suppose. After all, monarchs and great leaders of the past have always wanted to learn the secret of immortality and youth, but until now, everyone would breathe his or her last eventually one of these days. Perhaps there is a way for you to live “forever”, which can be achieved by this particular software known as will create a […]

Samsung Launches After-School Junior Software Academy In Korea
Samsung announced today that it is launching a new project called Junior Software Academy in South Korea. Under this project, the Korean giant plans to give software lessons to 10,000 students of ages between 11 and 17. Students will be able to attend these lessons after school or during the weekends. Samsung believes that this project will help children learn basic software technologies and will help them in becoming “fresh […]

Skype 6.2 Gets eGifting, New Toolbar
Microsoft has released Skype version 6.2 for Windows and Mac. The new version features eGifting, a new toolbar and a few other bug improvements. When Skype users receive notifications for friend’s birthdays, they can send credit as gifts to these friends. The credit can then be utilized by the receiving party for making calls to destinations of their choice.

Adobe Lowers Prices In Australia After Government Probe
Adobe, which was probed by the Australian government for a significant disparity in pricing between the U.S and the Australian subscription of its Adobe Creative Cloud pricing has decided to lower the prices in Australia, thus effectively matching the value of what it offers in the United States. The Adobe statement was first reported by The Australian Financial News, Australian lawmakers started to ask questions last year, and while this […]

Chinese Man Found Guilty Of Selling Pirated Software Worth $100 Million
A Chinese businessman in the U.S. was found guilty of selling stolen software reported to be worth $100 million. U.S. officials say that the stolen software was to be used in programs related to space technology, defense, and engineering. The court filing reveals that the software was stolen from an estimated number of 200 manufacturers in the U.S. They were eventually sold to around 325 black markets in 61 countries […]

New PC technology can block notifications when you're busy
Multitasking is great but sometimes, one simply can’t take the pressure of dealing with a whole lot of tasks at the same time. For instance, when working on your PC, it can be annoying when right in the middle of something important or urgent, you start receiving pop-up notifications.Such notifications not only distract you, they also waste your time when you have to attend to them only to find out […]

New Face-Scanning Technology Can Spot Drunks
Having drunk people in a crowd or at a public place is usually not be a good idea. While not everyone indulges in brawls when drunk, a crowd of sober persons is definitely lot more preferable. However, it is very hard to individually check out the sobriety of every person in places thronging with people, for instance at train stations.To solve this problem, researchers at University of Patras are working […]

Microsoft Office for the iPad rumored for a 10th of November release
A little over a week ago, there were reports (again) that Microsoft could be launching its Microsoft Office productivity suite on iOS some time in November. The Daily who originally broke the news a couple of months ago is now back and is “confirming” the release and has even revealed a specific date – the 10th of November.

Software identifies dead people in paintings
It is highly improbable for  computers and artificial intelligence to one day surpass the thought of men – after all, you won’t find a supercomputer declaring that “Humans do not exist,” do you? However, computers are great at number crunching, and when applied in the right way thanks to select intelligent algorithms, they would be able to even identify folks portrayed in 15th century paintings. This is the same software […]

Safari 5.1.7 update disables older Flash Players citing security reasons
Heads up Safari users, we certainly hope that the majority of you guys have remained up to date, but in case you’re the type of person who frequently neglects to update their software or if you know someone who’s like that, you should probably take note that in the latest update of Safari (to version 5.1.7), it seems that Apple has disabled older versions of Flash Player. However given that […]

Microsoft releases Office for Mac 2011 SP2 update
Earlier this week it was reported that Microsoft had pulled its Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 2 from the Microsoft AutoUpdate. The reason behind this was because there were reports from users who were claiming that there were some issues regarding Outlook database corruption. While those who might be tech savvy had no problems manually rebuilding their database and installing the software, Microsoft claims that the reason behind them […]

Apple removes free trial of iWork and Aperture from website, directs customers to the Mac App Store instead
Trial software is handy when you want to try out a program before making the decision to purchase it. Unfortunately if you were trying to decide if Apple’s iWork productivity suite, or Aperture for your post-processing photography needs are the software for you, you’re out of luck. Apple has officially discontinued the free trial that they offer customers on its website for its iWork and Aperture products. Instead, customers are […]

iTunes 10.6.1 released with bug fixes on board
iTunes users, it looks like the update for iTunes 10.6.1 is here in case you might have missed out on the notification. The update is expected to address several bugs and problems that users had previously encountered in iTunes 10.6. This includes iTunes unexpectedly quitting while watching videos, changing artwork size while in grid view, the syncing of photos to devices, and also corrects some interface elements that have been […]

Software better at spotting liars than cops
You know the classic symptoms of a liar – twitching eyes, touching one’s nose or ear, fidgeting around, an overall nervous feeling, but those who are extremely skilled in the art of lying can even pass a polygraph test with flying colors. Just how else will technology be able to help the long arm of the law detect liars that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes? Well, there […]

Huawei to buyout Symantec's stake in their joint venture
Huawei, a company known for putting out affordable mobile devices has announced their plans to buy out the remaining 49% stake in their Symantec joint venture. For those unfamiliar, Symantec is a company that specializes in security software for computers, and are probably most famous for their Norton AntiVirus software.