eterni-meWho wants to live forever? Plenty of us, I suppose. After all, monarchs and great leaders of the past have always wanted to learn the secret of immortality and youth, but until now, everyone would breathe his or her last eventually one of these days. Perhaps there is a way for you to live “forever”, which can be achieved by this particular software known as will create a computer version of you for when you breathe your last here on earth, allowing your loved ones to interact with “you”. This particular new service would be required to collect as much data as possible about you in order to work its “magic” after you’re gone. I suppose this is a primitive version of what we’ve seen in “Man of Steel”, where Jor-El’s “consciousness” has been successfully replicated somewhat. claims that the experience they offer will be “like a Skype chat from the past.” hopes that folks will be comfortable with this idea that they intend to put forward, where their “product” is being positioned as a tool for accessing memories or performing research on ancestors, instead of being a rope to the past when it comes to grief management. is tipped to roll out late next year as a private beta, while the masses ought to be able to enjoy it in 2016.

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