It is matter of days before the first Hollywood film ever to be edited with Apple’s editing software, Final Cut Pro X, will be shown on the silver screen. “Focus” starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie will goes down in history book as the first ever film to be edited with FCPX.

The film’s director, Glenn Ficarra has spoken to USA today on his many reasons why he chose to edit the film in FCPX, even with so many names in the industry showing disconcerting trust towards the software of its lack of heritage, and lack of features. Many of the editors and directors has choose to revert to more reliable App of Adobe or Avid instead.

Soon after its launch, nearly 4 years ago, Apple had addressed the criticism coming its way with an FAQ site, and promised that more features would slowly be woven into the newer version of the software. True to their promises, Apple had a series of updates that restored many functionality, as well as a campaign that bring users back to the app in March of 2013.

According to Ficarra, the speed of the new FCPX enabled the directors and editing team to be on their toes editing the film as the shooting carries on. Not in a traditional sense that editing needs to be done in dark room post-production.

The first Hollywood film edited in FCPX is set to be released this week on February 27th. To showcase the movie debut and FCPX’s role in the film, Apple has launched a microsite detailing the production.

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