So you are sick and tired of movies being released in 3D, simply because of all the special effects are starting to look “normal” now, and the fact that the best visual effects are unable to gloss over the cracks caused by a poorly written story. Well, forget about 3D and let us concentrate on 4D now. For those who are not in the know, you can check out 4D experiences mostly at theme parks such as Singapore’s Universal Studio in Sentosa. I remember sitting in on the Shrek 4D ride, where you had to wear a pair of 3D glasses, while happenings on the screen such as a cart riding through puddles of water resulting in some splashes on the screen – as well as off it, meaning, a mist of water will be sprayed as well. Having said that a vibrating 4D cinema intends to wow the masses, arriving in Glasgow first.

I am quite sure that 4D cinema seats are not going to be very popular worldwide, as people these days are more conscious about where their money goes, and they might just give 4D seats a go out of curiosity, and chances are repeat viewers will be a rare thing. This has not stopped plans for another 5 more British cinemas to install such 4D cinema seats in the year ahead. As for the movie ticket cost, it will naturally rise even further, adding £5.50 to the £8.90 cost of what an average 3D ticket is.

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