Visual technology continues to respond to the escalating demands of content creators and professionals. With the rising wave of the 3D revolution (visual and printed), tools facilitating lifelike remote collaborations and streamlined processes for 3D content creation have never been more crucial because it’s some of the most expensive work you can do. Stepping up to this challenge is the ThinkVision™ 27 3D Monitor, a 3D-stereo display solution designed to redefine industry standards.

Design and Features

The ThinkVision™ 27 3D Monitor is not just about its spectacular display; it features a modern design integrated with essential features. A standout feature is its ability to offer both 2D and 3D views. Its glasses-free 3D experience, powered by real-time eye-tracking, eliminates the conventional need for 3D glasses, offering users a seamless viewing journey.

Considering the requirements of today’s digital workspace, the monitor is thoughtfully equipped with a built-in USB-C dock. This ensures effortless connectivity with minimal cable clutter, aligning with the aesthetics of a clean and organized workspace.

Moreover, integrated speakers are present, ensuring users get quality audio experience without external devices. To top it all, for professionals needing visual interactions, the inclusion of a modular camera comes as a valuable addition, making this monitor a comprehensive package.

Display Quality

One of the crowning features of the ThinkVision™ 27 3D Monitor is its great display quality. In its 2D mode, users are treated to a breathtaking 4K resolution, delivering clarity and precision in every pixel. Thanks to the eye-tracking, the stereo-3D rendering looks great, but it’s unfortunately impossible to capture with a camera – you’ll have to experience it!

However, when it transitions to 3D mode, the resolution is aptly halved to ensure the effectiveness of the 3D effect (left and right eyes see different images) while optimizing performance compared to VR headsets that often have to render more pixels for the same perceived sharpness.

Another standout aspect is its impeccable color accuracy. With a 99% accuracy for both DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB, it stands tall among professional-grade monitors, making it an ideal choice for color-sensitive tasks.

Software Inclusions

The ThinkVision™ 27 3D Monitor goes beyond “just” a display, encapsulating a holistic user experience. It comes bundled with the Lenovo 3D Explorer software, a dedicated 3D viewer application. This ensures that users can seamlessly view various popular 3D file formats.

Complementing this, the inclusion of a 3D video viewer and other related stereo-3D applications further elevates its utility, especially for professionals deeply rooted in the 3D content domain.

Who is this for?

Who needs this type of 3D monitor? It’s not gamers. The typical use cases that require a life-like 3D view are when people design physical objects that are relatively small, such as figurines and small parts.

In that case, a considerable advantage of the 3D display is that it can be a partial substitute for 3D printing or manufacturing prototyping. Instead of 3D-printing 10 previews, the designer can reach the same level of final quality with only 2-3 prints.

Not only it’s a potential savings on 3D printing, but more importantly, it is typically a drastic reduction in the printing or prototyping waiting time, which translates into hard cash. Industrial design is one of the most expensive work activities from a wage perspective, so anything that boosts the engineers’ productivity tends to pays for itself very quickly.

There could be other use cases, like playing RTS games (they look awesome in 3D btw), but this is the more financially viable one.


In today’s digital landscape, where remote collaborations and 3D content creation are rapidly becoming mainstream, the ThinkVision 27 3D Monitor emerges as a very good solution that competes with existing products such as the Acer SpatialLabs.

From its glasses-free 3D experience to its unmatched color accuracy, it is poised to cater to the nuanced demands of today’s professionals. Whether you’re a content creator, a designer, or any other professional in the quest for a superior visual tool, the ThinkVision™ monitor promises an immersive experience that’s one of the best we’ve seen yet.

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