Samsung launched its Cinema LED Screen for theaters last year. The company has consistently said that this product overcomes the limitations of conventional film projectors in theaters with its 4,096 x 2,160 4K resolution picture quality, true black HDR, and non-distorted visual imagery. If you thought that was enough, think again, because the company has now unveiled a 3D Cinema LED Screen.

Samsung says that this is the first cinema screen of its kind in the world. The company has incorporated its true 3D technology into the existing Cinema LED Screen. Samsung says that the number one priority during development was that the best level resolution of the Cinema LED Screen should be maintained and the same brightness of the original screen which is 48 nits should also be kept as it is.

The company claims that its new product delivers the same brightness of Cinema LED even when 3D glasses are worn and that the resolution has now been sacrified as well. It wasn’t an easy goal for the company but it was able to do this in less than a year of launching the original Cinema LED Screen.

Some people also complain about dizziness and headaches when watching 3D content, Samsung says that it has taken care of that as well, as many of the triggering factors except those from the content itself have been eliminated.

Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen has already been adopted by theaters in Europe, Thailand, and China. The company will announce in due course when theaters start installing its 3D Cinema LED Screen, there’s no saying when that’s going to happen.

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