3d-brain-power3D movies certainly became a hit once again with the release of Avatar all those years ago – and you can be sure that each blockbuster that comes out these days which is chock full of action will also be filled to the brim with 3D goodness, although some might say that the premium forked out for a 3D movie is not worth the effects seen. Still, it looks like new research might make 3D movie watching more favorable, as it claims that doing so might actually help improve one’s brain power.

In other words, to end up smarter. The study said that viewers’ cognitive processing has improved after watching a 3D movie, since it happens to be rather beneficial to brainpower in the same manner as that of indulging in some dedicated brain training games. The findings were backed by a Vue Cinemas and RealD study, so it is no surprise to hear that watching 3D content have managed to improve viewers’ cognitive processing powers by an average of 23%, now how about that?

The tests were experienced by over 100 members of the public, and those involved were asked to watch 30 minutes of 3D footage. Other than brain power getting an increase, participants’ reaction times also improved by 11%, while those who viewed identical clips in 2D managed a 2% increase where personal performance is concerned. What can we make out of all this? Could learning in schools be augmented with 3D videos?

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