Apple CEO Tim Cook might want to keep a lower profile due to the fact that the CEO of the legendary tech company was spotted meeting with game developers Valve at their headquarters. As expected, this sparked an avalanche of rumors all revolving around a big fruity gaming console. Could it be that Apple is working on a game console that can be coupled with the rumored Apple TV? Does Apple want the gaming experience for iOS users to be made even better with a top notch developer hand-in-hand with the company? Or would it be regarding the rumored “wearable computer” that was leaked not too long back?

Hopefully either Apple or Valve do come out officially and say something soon because this pair-up might just about increase the already excellent gaming experience currently on Apple devices and for it to be taken to another level via a new console would just about make any valve burst (pardon the pun). As always with any rumors, do take this piece of information with a pinch of salt but my safe bet would be that something very interesting is in the works here.

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