If you’re the type of person that frequently gets caught on camera trying to beat the red light, this is a DIY project that you might be interested in undertaking. While it does not actually help you beat the red light cameras, it will instead attempt to notify the driver that you are approaching a red light with a camera and that you should probably start slowing down if the lights have already turned orange. This is exactly what blogger Dave came up with and what he put together was a GPS receiver, an OLED display, an Atmega with an Arduino bootloader along with a database of red light cameras to come up with his Red Light Camera Alerter.

While it’s not the perfect system, it does have the potential to help reduce the amount of tickets you receive while attempting to beat the red light. Dave has also been kind enough to provide the instructions and the source code if you wanted to put something similar together, so head on over to Plastibots for the details. As a safety precaution, slowing down or stopping when the lights turn orange will probably go a long way in preventing unnecessary accidents and traffic tickets.

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