While the Nokua Lumia 900 launched to much fanfare on AT&T’s network, it looks like it might have launched with some problems. There have been user reports from early Nokia Lumia 900 users who discovered that their phones failed to hook onto a data connection. Nokia has since acknowledged this issue and according to Chris Weber (via CNET), head of Nokia’s North American business, the issue lies in the phone’s software and is not a hardware problem, and that it had nothing to do with AT&T’s network either.

The good news is that Nokia will be issuing a fix in the next few days, and in an attempt to patch things up with existing customers and potential new ones, they are offering $100 in credit, essentially making the device free of charge (it currently costs $99.99 on a new two-year contract with AT&T). In the mean time, customers can head back to AT&T stores to swap their phones or wait until the 16th of April which is when the update is expected to be made available. This $100 free credit promotion lasts until midnight on the 21st of April.

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800x480 AMOLED
Price (approximative)
~$140 - Amazon
8 MP
Image Stabilization
160 g
1830 mAh
Launched in
Snapdragon S4 + None
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